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Monday, January 16, 2006

Times That I Wish I Was In The Tech Industry...

If you follow the mobile technology industry, like I do, you know that there are reviewers out there that get to play and test all sorts of cool toys! My hat is off to folks out there that get an early preview or an evaluation device to test.

The device that just has me DROOLING is the new DualCor cPC. This device will combine the best of the tablet PC with a Windows Mobile device....and will include a phone as well. (!!) It seems to be a simply amazing product.

If you want to read (or listen to more), head over to the following links:

DualCor - www.dualcor.com - The main site for this device. I still can't believe it.

JK On The Run - www.jkontherun.com - The first mobile site dealing with mobile technology that I visit on a daily basis. James Kendrick does an excellent job of finding great Tablet PC information and has two awesome podcasts that you can link to from his site (more on this in a future post). He was recently at CES and posted information about the DualCor product. You can read about it here.

Mobility Today (formerly Dave's iPaq) - www.mobilitytoday.com - I hadn't visited the site often until I started listening to podcasts. This was the first podcast that I became hooked on. The most recent podcast had a 30 minute interview with DualCor about the product. I can just imagine using this as a teacher. Listen to it here.