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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Different Phone!

I had mentioned before that I have two mobile phones - the Treo 600 and the HP iPaq 6320. I had thought last week that the Treo would be the better device for me because of its smaller form factor. Today, I moved my SIM chip from the Treo to the iPaq and it was like coming home to me.

The debate over Palm vs. Windows Mobile really does bother me. Personally, I can move back and forth between both platforms as easily as I can change my shirt. Sure, there are some slight differences but, ultimately, they both do the same thing. I find that people who "flame" people just because they like the other OS to be detrimental to the adoption of mobile technology and the strong communities that are built from it.

Why did I switch back to Windows Mobile? One application stood out - Styletap! I have just started my evaluation of the software and already know that I will be purchasing it. Styletap is a Windows Mobile application that allows you to run your Palm applications on the Pocket PC. The real caveat is that conduits are not supported. However, some of my favourite Palm apps are now running in 160 X 160 mode on my iPaq (if you have a VGA display then it will be 320 X 320). I realized that I could have the best of both worlds, PLUS a phone on one device. What more can you ask for?

You can check out Styletap at www.styletap.com. There is 14 day trial download.