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How Technology Can Help Today's Teacher

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Gear

I'm surprised that I'm still married after all of the gear that I have
bought over the years. Here is my current list:

- HP Tablet PC 1100C - This is simply one of the most brilliant devices ever
created. I will talk quite often about the tablet PC and how it has benefit
my teaching over time. The HP is such a brilliant device because it allows
you to detach the main screen (the slate) away from the keyboard. It's form
factor is actually smaller than that paper clipboard that you are carrying
and, yet, it runs a full blown version of Windows XP (known as Windows XP
Tablet OS).

-HP iPaq 6320 Pocket PC Phone Edition - It's a phone and a PDA. Loaded with
WiFi (wireless internet), a phone, and bluetooth (so that I can wear one of
those cyborg head pieces). It's a battle for my heart between Windows
Mobile and...

-Palm Treo 600 - While a bit outdated (the low res screen became a beautiful
screen on the Treo 650) this is still a powerhouse phone and Palm PDA. Read
about how I see-saw between Windows Mobile and the Palm OS. Regardless of
your choice, PDAs are a must for today's teacher.

-Mac Mini - I had to see what all the fuss was about! This past summer I
took the plunge and now my Windows XP computer is beginning to collect some
dust. The last time I looked there was no spyware or viruses for the Mac
OS. It's a wonderful platform that's winning my heart away from windows.

I have other gadgets that I will talk about as time goes by. These are the
four major players in my day to day life!