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Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Day With My Gadgets

Today I will begin a multi-part description of how I use my Pocket PC and tablet PC in my teaching and home life.

6:30 A.M.
I get up and literally stumble downstairs for my breakfast. I use this time of day to enjoy the peace and quiet (have some coffee) and catch up on my morning news.

Having either a Pocket pc or Palm with built an Wi-Fi is extremely handy. I use AvantGO for my news and rss news feeds. While I am cooking breakfast I connect my Ipaq to my wireless Linksys router and AvantGo syncs my predetermined websites to my handheld. I can then go offline and read my news throughout the day.

There is much debate over which platform is best. Personally, I have used both and like both! Palm and Windows Mobile each have their own strengths. Play with each platform in the store and buy the one that feels best to you.

...next article ... Planning your day.