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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Use A Pocket PC With Easy Grade Pro

I have often mentioned Easy Grade Pro on this site. Lately, I have been searching for a gradebook companion for my Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) device. No such luck in finding something that works with the type of gradebook that I am looking for.

I was messing with Easy Grade Pro a few days ago and noticed it's "import" feature. You can import a grades from a text file into an assignment. While it's not as handy as creating an assignment on the Palm using Easy Grade Pro Clipboard, it does work.

First, I graded the assignment in SpreadCE (a free spreadsheet program for Windows Mobile). SpreadCE is better than Pocket Excel because of it's ability to save your files in CSV or TXT mode. From there it was simple to import the grades into Easy Grade Pro. As a bonus I can create a proper assignment feedback sheet in Word and import the same text data using Word's "merge" feature. Double duty!

Orbis Software, creators of Easy Grade Pro, have indicated that they do have a Windows Mobile version of Clipboard coming but cannot indicate when that will be (in all fairness it's better to get it right). Until then, I will continue with this experiment to see how it works.