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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Student Portfolios In OneNote....

Many teachers have argued that student portfolios are a more desireable way of assessing progress than using assignments/tests. Personally, I prefer a mix. I have begun to use OneNote to create a portfolio. Remember that OneNote is like a virtual binder except that you can add pictures, audio, and video into your binder as well. When using OneNote, think of doing the following:
  • Capture a student reading or an interview using the voice recorder function. If you have a Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) you can use your record feature and then insert the sound bit into the student's portfolio.
  • Get the free OneNote print driver. I have installed this on my tablet. When I go to print a page (from a gradebook for example) instead of printing to a printer the item will print to OneNote. You can then drag the virtual page to the student section of choice.
  • Capture video using a camcorder and insert it.
  • Create multiple checklist templates and insert it into the student portfolio.
  • Create printouts of each portfolio or save them to HTML and e-mail to the child or his/her parents. Your notes can be in "ink" or typed. Use a different colour.
  • Scan student work. Insert it in

I'm sure that my journey of discovery will find many other ways of using OneNote as a portfolio. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today!