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Friday, July 14, 2006

Salling Clicker - A Presenter's Best Friend!

Last week I was sitting in a presentation and remarked how the presenter would use his fancy IR clicker in order to advance slides on his notebook computer. I've often thought about picking up one of these cool gadgets but I have to admit that there comes a time when a teacher has to say "enough!". I have spent more of my own money on gizmos but am not eligible to claim it either through the school or through a tax write-off.

It was at that point that someone put me onto Salling Clicker (http://www.salling.com/clicker/mac/). The URL is a Mac one but there is also a version for Windows. The premise is simple - use bluetooth in the devices that you already own to make a remote control! Here is how it works: You turn on the Bluetooth function on your notebook, tablet, or desktop that would be hooked up to a data projector for a presentation. Next, you install the Salling Clicker software on your PDA or phone (over 100 models are supported). Run the software on your mobile device and you will be controlling PowerPoint, Keynote, iTunes music, etc. from a distance in no time. I could hardly believe it! It took me 5 minutes to set up and begin using.

Visit their page today and download the trial version for either Windows or Mac OS X.